The Tae Kwon Do studio we are helping at the moment is in East Africa. It is located in the poverty-stricken outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya, where  many children are eager to learn Tae Kwon Do for self-defense. But the studio lacks proper equipment and almost none of the students can afford uniforms. Most in the community are prevented from participating due to lack of space in the building.

The Studio with many would-be students on the outside looking in

A Tae Kwon Do Class – can you spot the higher belts?

The man directing the studio is George. Not only does he give free Tae Kwon Do classes to kids in his village, he also provides access to a modest meal, library and ‘computer lab’ — to provide nutrition and literacy. In keeping with Tae Kwon Do philosophy, community service is strongly emphasized. George has done so much with a very  small budget. Imagine what he could do with more.

That’s where we come in! We hope to one day start a not-for-profit that supports remote Tae Kwon Do studios such as George’s. We also plan to collect donated Tae Kwon Do equipment so the students may reach their potential! To learn more about George and what he is doing, go to the “Who” link at the left of your screen!